Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Brazil Day

The disaster of breakfast didn't mean that supper would also turn out to be inedible.

The children made a delicious supper of Tutu a Mineira (mashed beans):
It might not look appetizing, but it tasted great.

with Aroz Branco (white rice):
lightly flavored with onion and garlic

Fried bananas:

and Costeletas de Porco (Brazilian Pork Chops):
seasoned with garlic, lemon, hot pepper, and salt and pepper

It was all very, very, yummy.

For dessert, they made Bolo de Cafe (coffee cake):
flavored with strong coffee and when served, sprinkled with cocoa powder

I realized too late that it was Brazil day.  If I would have been thinking, I would have emailed my sister-in-law earlier to ask her for favorite recipes.  She and her family are from Brazil and immigrated to America a number of years ago.  Even so, we had a wonderful meal and the children are learning a lot about cooking and trying new things with these adventures.

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