Saturday, November 06, 2010

Austria - Day Two

Since we had already done Austria day once before, but Hannah wanted to do all the countries in order, the children decided they would still fix a couple of meals only choose different ones to try.

For breakfast, therefore, Hannah and Ellie made a jelly roll

and cinnamon almond snails (some with nuts and some without)

They even made the dough from scratch.  It was all quite tasty!

Ellie had been wanting to try to make French bread for awhile.  So even though it was Austria day, this was the day she had time to make the bread.  It turned out beautifully!

For the rest of our Austria supper, the girls, with the help of their younger siblings made Paprika Chicken

with boiled potatoes

 and a pan gravy from the chicken drippings.

It was all very good.


Holly Days Closet said...

YUM it all looks so good.

Leah said...

Mmmmmmm... you're making me hungry!!