Monday, October 25, 2010


Once again we started our trip around the world via our stomachs.  Hannah spurred this resurgence, taking the lead by organizing what country (in alphabetical order according to the "Cooking The...." cookbooks in the library) was studied when (the goal is each Saturday), teaching her siblings about the country, and then leading them in cooking the meal(s)!

How could I resist?

Saturday, the 16th, found the children in the school room listening to Hannah.  She always has them color in a map and a flag of the country.  Also included are various fun facts that hopefully interest them and help them to remember something about that particular country.  Besides various library books she finds, Hannah makes use of geography books we currently own as well as the world wide web.

When we visited countries before we generally had all our meals that day from that particular country.  If you haven't read them before or would like to reread them, their listed in the sidebar under "Culinary Trip Around The World."

But this day due to other factors, we only had supper from Australia, counting that one meal was better than none.

Here are the lovely cooks all ready for us to sit down and eat.
C'mon we're hungry!
Here is the fish they made (I helped by frying it for them).

And what goes better with fried fish than chips?  Mamaw made homemade fries for us, the kids finished by making a salad and a typical vinaigrette dressing.  Here's what supper looked like before we delved into the deliciousness.

Okay so the Leinie's isn't Australian, but it is good!

To top it all off, they made dessert:

It was absolutely delicious!  Wow!  Definitely a recipe we'll make again!

I'm glad Hannah got the ball rolling on our Country explorations again.  We all have such fun and love trying all the different food.

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