Thursday, February 21, 2008


We've begun once more our culinary trip around the world. Having stopped in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, one day a couple of weeks ago we stopped in Spain.

The food was quite delicious and we have some new recipes to add to our collection of "will make again." I took pictures this time around so you could enjoy.

El Desayuno

La Comida
Primero, Sopa de Lentejas Madrilena:

Segundo , Ensalada:
Tercero, Arroz con Pollo:

Postre, Flan:

Supper is to be eaten late in the day like 10 pm. But that doesn't work for Americans (or at least not for us couldn't live like the Spanish one day and then be expected to be Americans the next), so we had a normal meal which wasn't Spanish because we were still too full from our big dinner.

Next stop, Italy!


Kristi Heinz said...

Yumm-O! I would love more details about the dishes! What a fun thing to do!

Italy, now there is a place to have fun and make some great food! Can I come and have dinner with you?

Cheryl said...

Your cooking posts always blow me away. And the photos are gorgeous!