Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yesterday, we continued our trip around the world with a stop in Austria. I dropped the ball with this one and didn't make it as nice as some of our other days. I didn't take pictures, I didn't get all the meals Austrian; but we did try some new things and watched part of "The Sound of Music."

Fruhstuck (Breakfast)
Buchteln* (jelly rolls)
Milch (milk)
Kaffee (coffee)
* these are made by rolling thawed dinner rolls into squares, adding a spoonful of jelly, pinching up the sides and then baking.

Festessen (Dinner, which we ate at supper)
Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal, except our butcher didn't have veal, so I used cubed steak)
Schupfnudeln (potato noodles - so we could sing, "Schnitzel with noodles.")
Salat (the easy kind - out of a bag)
Salzburger Nockerln (Salzburger Sweet Souffle)
Milch (for the kids)
Gewurztraminer (for the parents)

Like most countries we've studied to date, most eat their big meal at noon and a light supper. Well, I had planned to do that, but realized to late that the potato noodles took longer, so had to switch at the last minute. Therefore, our noon meal was simply lunch meat sandwiches, veggies, and chips.

The potato noodles were quite interesting, I've never made anything like that before. They tasted good, just like noodles. It was a little difficult to make as I didn't know how the dough should "feel." Most of the kids liked them, but we all agreed they needed more salt, and some sort of sauce would have been even better.

I had never made a souffle before and this one was very easy. It turned out delicious. Beginner's luck was on my side in that I put it in the oven and we were ready to eat it when it finished baking.

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