Monday, July 02, 2007


Friday, June 29th was our culinary stop in Switzerland. Another gastronomic treat with recipes I copied and added to my file for future meals. Hannah prepared and taught her siblings on Thursday all about Switzerland and Friday they enjoyed the movie Heidi.

Fruhstuck (Breakfast)
Opfel Broisi (Fried Apples and Bread Slices)
Birchermusli (Cereal - granola)

We really enjoyed the breakfast. For all you campers, the fried apples and bread slices would be a super easy meal to fix over a camp fire. If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you the recipe.

What a delicious dinner it was. Hannah decorated the table in the form of a Swiss flag.

This time I took a picture of each dish separately instead of all together on the table. Our head trustee came to install our back screen door, and commented on how good everything was smelling. It tasted just as good. I really liked the onion salad. Normally I don't care much for fried onions, but these were nothing like what I've eaten before. Much, much tastier.

Kabissuppe (Cabbage Soup):

Mistkratzerli (Baked Chicken):

Rosti (Fried Potatoes):

Zibelsalat (Onion Salad):
Abendessen (Supper)
Fondue Vlalais (Valais-Style Fondue)

For supper, we enjoyed, for the first time ever, a cheese fondue. We used Emmentaler and Gruyere cheeses and dipped cubed, French bread and cubed, cooked ham into the fondue. The cheeses were a bit tangy (I think that is the right word) but still delicious. The children all ate it pretty well, but none overly liked the tart/tanginess of the cheese.


Melynda Hoffman said...

Reading your blog always makes me hungry.

Cheryl said...

What she (Melynda) said! Everything looks wonderful--I can almost smell it!

snovio said...

May i know the recipes of cabbage soup. please mail me at