Thursday, December 23, 2010

Central America Day

The meals for Central America Day are my favorite to date of the new meals we've made.  It was such a refreshing blend of tastes, mouth-watering!

First was Enchiladas Hondurenas (topped Tortillas from Honduras).  Instead of wrapping the ingredients in soft tortillas, cooks in Honduras place them on top of fried corn tortillas.  It was so neat to taste that crispy, fried tortilla with each bite.

The girls assembled each plate and brought it to the table.

Two other interesting, yet very delicious, toppings were boiled eggs and shredded cabbage.  We all agreed that these must be made again.
Don't you wish you could dig in?

As a side dish the girls made Seviche de Camarones (Cold Shrimp Salad from Panama).  Some of the kid didn't like it, but David and I thought it was very, very good.  Next time I will actually use the chopped avocado in it instead of mango.  At the grocery store while I was picking out lemons and limes, my nine year old picked up a mango and asked me what it was.  I told her and then proceeded to put it in my cart instead of realizing that no, I needed avocado (it was even written on my grocery list).  I didn't even think anymore of it until I was to chop one for the enchilada toppings.  I realized I made a mistake at the grocery store and hadn't realized it even when I chopped the mango into the salad!  Oh well, it still tasted quite delicious and I used the rest of the mangos I had bought in breakfast smoothies.
The yummy flavors blended so well!

For dessert the girls fixed Polvorones (Powdered Sugar Cookies) which were very good.  We've had variations of this cookie before but we all thought this one was the best.

Messy, but tasty!

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