Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well That Didn't Work

Not all the recipes we've tried for our culinary trips to various countries have turned out edible.

Take the doughnuts from Brazil as an example:
Those look tasty huh?
The girls tried to make them by themselves first, but I quickly realized what they were doing (deep-frying having never, ever done that type of cooking) and jumped in to help.  Many problems, I think, led to the failure of the recipe.  The girls' inexperience with deep frying led them to chose the wrong pan, and the oil go too hot so the dough simply burned.
Who would want to try that?

I turned down the heat, let the oil cool some and tried frying some more.  The batter was quite runny so it made interesting shaped doughnuts, but they seemed to be cooking better.

It is looking more edible now.

But alas, they weren't good either.  When I cut one open I found this:
This isn't what is supposed to be inside a doughnut!

I had no more brain power to figure out what was wrong, so we gave up.  No doughnuts for breakfast.  As much as I'm intrigued by trying to figure out how to make the recipe work, I think I'll just stick with the tried and true doughnuts I've made in the past.

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