Thursday, January 07, 2010

Warm little piggies

My slippers were beyond repair. A hole along the seam and the lining ripping into pieces. But I still wore these lovely things for about a month because I couldn't decide what type of slipper I wanted to try. I new that I wanted two things in my next slipper: warmth and comfort. Warmth because I live in a cold climate in a house with wood floors, and my toes are always cold. Comfort because if I don't wear some sort of shoe during the day my heels ache.

I finally decided to try furry-lined Crocs. Monday night we drove to the Mall of America to try them on. This is the pair I bought:
I love them! They really are very warm, even without socks! They are also very comfortable, my feet haven't ached the last two days while wearing them. Yippeee! David also bought a pair (it helped that there was a buy one get one half off sale) and he, too, loves his new slippers.

I also like that if I have to step outside to get the mail, or take out the trash, there is good grip on the soles, which helps with all the snow and ice around here. Another nice quality is that the lining is removable and washable.

If you too are looking for a new slipper, I would suggest that you look into a pair of fuzzy crocs!


Karen said...

I've worn this type of slipper for years. They are the best! It's not unheard of for me to forget that they are slippers and wear them to the grocery store to pick up milk.

Jenny Chavez said...

Please PROMISE me that you will NEVER wear these in public. . . . :)

Glenda said...

Oh Jenny, my fashion sister, I'll try! :-)

Karen, I hope not to forget as I do want them to stay good for house shoes, but you're right, they are quite comfortable!