Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not Like Most People

Most people send their children to day care and the mom goes to some job. But not us.

Most people send their children to some conventional school. But not us.

Most people eat out on a regular basis. But not us.

Most people think nothing of sleeping in on Sunday mornings and skipping church, thinking, "well we went last week or the week before that." But not us.

Most people vacation in Florida or someplace warm during the winter and "up north" during the summer. But not us.

When my mom lived in Florida we loved vacationing there during July or August. And now for our winter vacation, we are heading "up north." I can't wait.

The week will be filled with sipping hot chocolate while sitting by this:

We have books and games packed, and also outdoor gear in order to try snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, have fun sledding on the tubing runs, and playing broom-ball.

Our good friends will be in the cabin next door (obviously dressed much warmer than this!).
We don't mind not being like most people.......................................most of the time.

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Laura said...

I want to click "like" and have fun! God keep you safe in your travels!