Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homeschooling Golds

Okay I couldn't think of another color that would lend itself towards the happy things of homeschooling to counteract the sad things I posted previously, all too easily described as the blues.

As Pastor made announcements after service on Sunday, he commented on the closing hymn, "Alleluia, Song of Gladness" (LSB 417) including the words, "in 586 BC the Jewish people were taken captive to Babylon along the Tigris river." My 8 year old daughter turned to me, smiling, whispering, "Tigris River! Between Two Rivers! um..um..Mesopotamia! Tigris and...and...and...Euphrates Rivers!"

And regarding my son who takes forever in Math. Knowing how hard it is for him to focus and get done, it makes all the little accomplishments much more exciting for me. Day in and day out he was continually missing the question regarding telling how much of the square is shaded, giving it as a fraction, percent, and decimal. But now he's gotten right two days in a row without me helping him think! Woo Hoo!!! And he has gotten everything right that I've had him do by himself the last two lessons! An even bigger WOO HOO!!! I don't think it would be nearly as exciting to me if I didn't know how deeply he struggles to do this.

And one more bright spot. On Monday the day after the event which must not be discussed took place, our 12 year old daughter hid herself in her room for awhile in the morning. Closer to lunch, David showed me the mail, which included a note from that daughter given to him:
"To remind you of what we are:
Please wear your jersey today. Be a good sport!"

Included was a mini-cross stitch that said

I know how good homeschooling is, even with all its faults. There are definite blues and golds in it as in any other part of life. I think I feel them more, but that more than likely has to do with my hormones and health, which I should probably start taking a more serious look at and seeing if, anything, I can do to help make me more level than up and down.

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Karin said...

Good to see some positive things Glenda. My hormones are a wreck! I guess pregnancy does that. I should probably not blog for a while just because of that!