Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reminders to Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks

I love the look of lots of pillows on a bed. To me, they make the bed look so inviting to curl upon, relax, read, and rest.

When there is a story behind a pillow, it adds personality to the room.  Like this one.

If you're a Tolkien fan, you recognize the saying right away. We are Tolkien fans, but that isn't the only thing that makes this pillow special. It was stitched by a good friend as a gift for us.

Their family are also Tolkien fans and when The Hobbit was coming out in theaters, they made the 8 hour trek to our house in December to join another Tolkien fan family for a Hobbit weekend. We enjoyed plenty of food, laughter, conversation, costume creating and wearing, and anticipation for the midnight premier of the movie.

This pillow brings back those memories.
It makes me smile.
It reminds me to thank and praise God for His gift of friends.

This is another special pillow.

My husband did that drawing of his church at age 14. It was part of a quilt made by his siblings and cousins to give to their Grandpa for Christmas.

Sorry for the poor quality, it is a scan of a photo of the quilt.
See all the quilt squares? They were each drawn by one of the grandkids and sewn together for the quilt. A couple of years ago all of them received that picture, a pillow, and the following description:

"Merry Christmas Grandpa 1985. . ."

Each Quilt block told the story of what his grandchildren were doing at the time. . .
- Debra was a manager at Kmart
- Donna was a manager at Northwest Fabrics (that's why she got to sew the quilt together)
- Mary was in Nursing School
- Mark was restoring trucks
- Paul was taking pictures
- David drew St. John's South Branch where we all attended church and school
- Matthew giving their dog a ride on the 3-wheeler
- Jonathan was looking forward to spring and baseball
- Daniel liked to "farm"
 - Johanna was reminding Grandpa of all the hours he spent watching his grandkids play

For years the blanket wrapped around Grandpa in his wheelchair keeping him warm. . . He was so proud of his FAMILY!!

The edges were tattered and worn. It was time to give the squares back. . .
A picture was taken. . .
Pillows were made. . .
Enjoy the memories of Christmas 1985!!

Even though I never knew Grandpa as he was given the crown of life long before I became part of the family, I have this special memory of him. I have love for his grandchildren who made this quilt for him. I am proud to be part of his heritage.

This pillow reminds me of that heritage founded in faith in Christ.
It makes me smile.
It reminds me to thank and praise God for His gift of family.

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