Friday, March 17, 2017

I needed to buy a seed/nut blend from King Arthur to make some favorite buns for the Ash Wednesday soup supper. I also needed yeast and as I was perusing the King Arthur site, I saw this combination.

Since it had both the harvest grain blend plus the yeast I needed and I thought it would be a good idea for me to get back into making bread again, I decided to just buy the Multi-Grain Sourdough Boule Recipe Bundle.

I've experimented a little with sourdough in the past, but never became attached to the process. Meaning, I let the starter go bad. I've told myself this time will be different. Time will soon tell.

I am keeping the starter alive, finding lots of helpful tips and tools on the King Arthur website.

The first thing I made was sourdough pizza crusts. I did not want to throw away any starter, and this looked like a good way to use that cup. I make them, bake them partially, let them cool, wrap and freeze them.

I've made sourdough waffles and pancakes, both very yummy.

Finally this week, I made the Multi-Grain Sourdough Boule bread.

It has a very good taste with the tang of sourdough and the crunchy nuts and seeds.

It was perfectly paired with the Lentil Soup I had prepared.

Warm from the oven with butter.
Toasted with butter.
Sliced with butter and some cheddar cheese or spread with strawberry jelly.
This loaf isn't lasting long.

Better go make sure the starter is ready for another baking day.

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