Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Boy

While on vacation, our son had his birthday!

I can't believe my youngest is 8!

His menu choices for the day:
Breakfast: doughnuts
Lunch: Corn dogs, baked beans, and Doritoes
Supper: Wendi's (we were even able to share this meal with a friend's oldest daughter who is a sophomore at Indiana University - what a nice treat to see her and visit with her for a short time!)

His gifts:
From his sister: A dvd movie of Tom and Jerry cartoons
From his brother: A nerf gun
From his sister: Pop-tarts and gum
From his sister: Oatmeal cream pies and a super-man card that plays the theme song when opened
From his parents: A Lands' End library bag* and a nerf gun

*At the beginning of last year David and I decided that we would buy each of the children for their birthday a Lands' End tote to hold library books.  I bought all of them at one time, each a different color.  After giving the first one in March, Samuel asked for one.  He even asked how much they cost so that he could save his money.  With each sibling's birthday he kept seeing them get one and yet he still had none.  He was quite delighted that he finally got one and I don't think he even suspected that would be his gift until he saw the box I had wrapped for his birthday.

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