Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why is it....

....that if I have an appointment in the morning, I can't get back home in the afternoon and jump back into the school schedule mode?

....that I'm so lazy in the morning to get out of bed and then kick myself later for not getting out of bed and on with the day?

....that everything seems to happen in the months of November and December and school work always gets pushed back, even though I try *every year* to plan for the chaos?

....that I always want to be liked by everyone? (I really am an Emma.)

....that there is always one child I have no idea what to get them for Christmas?

....that I'm sitting here doing this when I have laundry to finish, granola to make, schoolwork to do, supper to start, a possibly sick kid to look after, and many other things patiently awaiting my doing?


Maria said...

...that if I do not do it before I sit down, I don't get back up?
...that if I take to my bed, I literally strategize how to stay there and still get things done. Such as pay bills, write lists, check my blogs, read and write email, correspond, meal plan, help with homework and have a snack. (this only works with loyal subjects who will bring you the materials needed to work).

...that if I turn on my heated mattress pad and slip on my new softer than soft socks that I will not get up for anything or anyone.

...that I continue to plan events and parties (3) at my home all in the same two week time period at Christmas and allow no one to bring anything.

...that I am typing this comment instead of brushing my hair and teeth so I can go to small group Bible study?

....that You think you are lazy.....NO way! The queen of lazy is me!
LOVED this post! Thanks for making me smile!
If YOU like being lazy too then all your productivity is all that more amazing and admirable and pleasing!

AmusedMomma said...

Because, dear Glenda, you are are HUMAN! This, I know you know. But let me assure you, as Maria has, that we all suffer from this malady whether severely or only a little.

You AMAZE me with what you do accomplish! Don't sweat this stuff.

And pray, tell, how does one plan for chaos during the end of the church year and Advent?

Procrastination is my middle name... and most days its' my first and last too! ;-)

Michelle said...

Why is it....
....that I can check a "me too" next to everything that you have listed?!!!