Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Favorite Fall Foods

Every now and then I have a stretch where menu planning goes great and the meals flow from the pen to the table with ease. It helps when the grocery has different meats on sale, allowing for variety, and this last week we had a good one.

One night we had our favorite Mexican Cheese Chicken. Since chicken breasts were on sale I bought several and made many into this dish, which I first made in 8th Grade Spanish class for a cooking contest (I won third). The basic idea is to flatten a breast enclose a portion of a jalapeno and a slice of cheese by rolling it up; then rolling the breast in butter and a mixture of seasoned bread crumbs. At this point you are to let it sit overnight before baking, but I often freeze them at this stage and then pull them out to bake whenever needed. Add either a yummy salad, or other favorite veggies and bread, and it is one tasty meal.

One night I fixed our same meal from France Day. Oh those Pork Chops Normandy Style are so yummy. Cooked with apple cider and slices of apples, the chops are moist and tasty. The French Peas are Hannah's favorite way of eating that vegetable and quite easy to make, and the potato cake is mmm...mmmm...good.

Another night was a sirloin tip roast, grilled to perfection. David first found this recipe in his Weber Grill Cookbook last fall. First a rub, then a barbecue sauce is basted several times during the grilling. Add baked potatoes, cheesy cauliflower, and a bottle of my favorite red wine:

and I give the meal two thumbs way up.

As a member of Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE), I receive a quarterly newsletter. One came last week and inside was a recipe for a chicken and rice bake. Yummy! It will go in the file for future use.

Last night I made Beer Cheese Soup, first tried last February when fellow Looper moms descended on my home for a Mommapalooza. Lissa brought it and shared the recipe with me. Add fresh buns and my house smelled fantastic, which put a big smile on David's face when he walked in the door after being at a meeting all day, even though the meeting was one he thoroughly enjoyed.

This weeks meals might not be as impressive, but they will be just as tasty as we look forward to meatloaf, ham-n-potatoes in the crock pot, California Tacos and Homemade Pizza.

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Kristi said...

Glenda, would you please share your soup and your Mexican Cheese Chicken recipes? They sound wonderful. Thanks.