Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On-Line Friends

This past weekend 3 of my Looper friends came to my home for a "Mommapalooza." These get-away weeekends started a few years ago and are held all over, basically whenever and wherever Looper moms get together to eat, drink, be merry, and soak in each others friendship while someone else holds down the fort at home. This then allows us stay-at-home, homeschool moms a much needed break from our little angels while gaining wisdom, laughter, and much needed adult conversation with like-minded women.

The only trouble is that we get so busy talking, laughing, eating, and being merry that we forget to take pictures. Although I did snap a couple late one night (talking takes precedence over sleep on these weekends).

Here is Rhonda from Iowa.

Here is Lissa from Minnesota.

Here is Melanie from South Dakota.

They came to my home on Friday night. Lissa brought an absolutely delicious beer cheese soup for supper. Yum, yum. And then we sat around and talked till the wee early morning hours, enjoying chocolate from a fellow Looper who wanted to join us but couldn't - thanks Rachel!
On Saturday we lazed around in the morning before putting ourselves together for a day of shopping! First we stopped at Penzey's. Oh I love their spices and had a whole list of needs and came away with those and some wants. Rhonda, Lissa, and Melanie were excited to visit the store for the first time and all came away with a stash of herbs and spices to try.

Next stop was Mall of America. Boy oh boy was it crowded! We found out later that Jeopardy was holding auditions and therefore contestant hopefuls had flooded the mall besides the normal Saturday crowd. But that didn't stop us! We walked around and shopped and talked and window shopped and walked and talked and walked some more.

For a late lunch we chose to eat someplace we normally don't go with our kids, so McDonald's it was.

Just kidding.

We ate at the Nappa Valley Grill. Yum, yum. We each had something different and all agreed it was very delicious. That energized us for more walking, shopping, and talking all the way till a late supper at the Nordstrom Cafe. By then we were tired and ready to make the drive home.

But once we were back at my home, a second wind gave us the ability to stay up, talking some more until the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday morning we worshiped together and then had to say good-bye to Lissa, that isn't the fun part of the weekend. Rhonda and Melanie were able to stay for Bible Class and then brunch and a little longer before heading home, which allowed me to remember to take one more picture. I should have thought about it before Lissa left, but forgot, sorry Lissa. So here is Rhonda, Melanie, and me.

Then more good-byes and Rhonda and Melanie left to go back home to their families. I relaxed on the couch watching the NASCAR race and feeling renewed to once again tackle my duties as wife, mom, teacher and various other roles. I hope they felt the same.

Thanks for coming ladies. I hope we can do it again soon, it is such a treat. And maybe then I can remember to take more pictures.


Me said...


Melanie looks like she could be a cousin to Polly!

Melody said...

-sniff- I shoulda been there!

Angie said...

Looks like fun. . .trying not to be TOO jealous that I live too far away now. . .