Wednesday, June 04, 2014

March and April

I had not intended on taking a hiatus, but I did so none the less. Life is always busy, but I am learning that the definition of busy changes as children grow older. I would like to blog more but there will be no pie-crust promise from me.  I know too well how easily broken a pie-crust is.

Enough gibberish, on to catching up the blog on our life.

I left you in early March with our good friends' visit to our home.  A delightful week which still brings smiles and yearnings for more time together from all of us.  The rest of March was filled with school work, Lenten suppers and services, and a son's birthday.

Nate turned 14.

His birthday meals:
Breakfast: cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Enchiladas
Dinner: Homemade pizza

His gifts:
from Hannah, Abby, and Sam: the movie Catching Fire
from Ellie: The Official Hobbit Companion book
from Mom and Dad: a Lego 3 in 1 set and a rubber chicken

April continued with the Lenten season, schoolwork, and a daughter's birthday.

Ellie turned 17.

Her birthday meals:
Breakfast: Poppy seed muffins
Lunch: Blt's
Dinner: Enchiladas Hondurenas

Her gifts:
from Hannah, Nathan, and Sam: Sherlock season 3
from Abby: a spray bottle, bobby pins, and a scarf
from Dad and Mom: Barnes and Noble gift card

April also brought the glorious day of Easter.

A beautiful sunny morning in which to rise early and hurry to church to sing all those wonderful Easter hymns.
After the sunrise service and the Easter breakfast, I had the kids line up for a picture.  This was the best I got, but I still love them.

Plenty other things filled our March and April, but these are the highlights.  And the busy-ness of these two months was nothing compared to the responsibilities and busy-ness that consumed our month of May.

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