Monday, December 09, 2013


Our tradition for when to put up the Christmas tree and decorations is "whenever works."

In keeping with tradition, this year it won't be till the weekend before Christmas.

This week is the last week of college classes for Hannah and Ellie.  They have papers and projects to finish.  I will continue to do lessons with Nathan, Abby, and Sam for the first three days of this week.  Plus, we have two families arriving on Thursday who will stay for the weekend.  We will once again attend the midnight premier of The Desolation of Smaug and enjoy a fun-filled weekend together with lots of food and games.

Next week Hannah and Ellie have finals Monday through Wednesday, therefore I will do school work with Nathan, Abby, and Sam those days.  Starting Thursday, December 19th, we will spend our days baking and decorating, shopping for and wrapping gifts, not to mention lots of time to listen to Christmas music, watch movies, and read books while snuggled under blankets and drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

We cannot wait.  But we must.  We have work to do before hand.  Until then, we will enjoy the new tradition we started this year.


Cheryl said...

We have that same tradition. This year what worked was for us to do it this past weekend. Next weekend--Thursday thru Monday, actually--I will be in Oklahoma looking for a place to live and the weekend after that will be getting Trevor back from school. We never decorate earlier than Dec. 1 but WHEN in December we do it has always been flexible.

Enjoy the movie! We are going to wait to see it until Trevor and Phillip are both home and we can all go together.

Glenda said...

Fun to know we share this tradition Cheryl!

Have fun looking for a new home - how exciting and frightening all rolled into one!

Enjoy the movie! We cannot wait!