Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tis The Busy Time

Gifts are bought, most are wrapped.

Christmas dinner menu is made, and I'm starting to prepare those items I can do ahead.  Ellie made one dessert, I need to make a cheesecake yet, as does Hannah.

List for Mamaw's is made and packing will be done on Monday. Praying God will grant us good traveling weather the two days we travel to and from Indiana.

Christmas letter is written, envelopes addressed, and should be in the mail sometime.

Last week we were enjoying our friends.  What a fun time!  What a great movie!

We enjoyed decorating sugar cookies. And it is true, this is when my creative bone comes alive.

Yesterday gingerbread men, women, and trees were decorated.

And don't forget all the normal everyday things still needing to be accomplished, meals prepared, house cleaned, laundry done.  Yes, tis the busy time.

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Katie said...

I didn't make the connection that you travel to Indiana! Do you travel through Portage? We are about a 5 minute drive from Lake Michigan - just to roughly describe where we are in Indiana. If you are heading further into the state and need a baby-girl-cuddling break or a cookie break, or both, keep us in mind!!!! I still have the Wiechmann in me alive and well and love visitors at any hour even if no notice has been given! 2240 Stormy St. Portage, IN 219-246-3411 is my contact info. :) Have a great, great trip! Once again, Merry Christmas!


p.s. I don't know when you are heading home, but we are leaving for MN on Dec. 31 so we won't be here from Dec. 31-Jan 8, but any other dates we are always here!