Saturday, April 28, 2012

Christmas Card Photos

Every year I wonder where to put the beautiful smiling faces of friends and family who send us a photo or photo card for Christmas.  This year I found a place I really like.

I taped them to the door which is right beside the kitchen sink.  I love having them there and being able to see them.  Of course, they do become part of the landscape and don't catch my eye nearly as often as when they were first taped onto the door.  But every so often, one will catch my eye and I smile, thank God for the blessing of that friend or family and pray He will continue to guard and keep them.


Elephantschild said...

This year, I got the idea to mount them on two scrapbook pages (I cut and trim off the Christmas greetings parts), which I then stuck to my fridge with magnets. At the end of the year, when new pictures come, I just have to take down this year's and file them in a scrapbook, and start a new page.

And I'll have a nice record, too, of how friends' and families' kids have grown over the yars.

Glenda said...

Oh that's a good idea too! All of our cards and letters end up in a "Old Christmas Card Box" that we bring out to create projects in future years. It is fun to see the old pictures and read the old letters and walk down memory lane.

Cheryl said...

I found us!