Monday, February 06, 2012

Viva La History

I'm old(ish) and therefore out of the know for what's hot or not in the music world.  Therefore to me the song Viva la Vida is of course the theme song for Issues Etc.

Now when I hear the song I won't only think of great Lutheran theology (it's not about you, it's about Jesus for you), but will sing, "I used to rule the world. . . ."


Melanie T. said...

Glenda, this is so much fun! Thanks. They also have another one about the Declaration of Independence which doesn't deliver information, but if you like the song "It's Too Late to Apologize" it's pretty good. The videography is high quality.


Melanie T. said...

I meant to say the Declaration video doesn't deliver as much information. Gotta slow down.

Rhonda said...

This is great!