Monday, February 13, 2012


"I love you."  "You're the best wife."  "You're a fantastic mother."

When I happen to overhear a husband say these words to his wife I tend to think  "Awwww, how sweet, what a loving husband."

When spoken from my beloved into my ear, how often I want to qualify those statements with a "but. . ."  But don't you know how selfish I am?  But don't you know how I waste the day away at home while you are off providing an income for our family or how I waste the resources that income provides?  But don't you know how I yell and scream and anger the children?

Yes he does, but in his love for me, he sees perfection.

And that is when I realized even more the love of my heavenly Father.  In His bountiful love for me, He sees not the rotten, sinful, selfish dolt I am, but the beautiful, faithful, daughter I am.  Thanks be to Christ! And that two second realization stopped the "but. . . " that was trying to escape my mouth after I heard those words and instead I thanked God for a wonderful husband who loves me as Christ loves the church and snuggled close.


Melanie said...

I always tell my beloved I am so glad he keeps his love goggles on. :)

We are so blessed to have husbands who understand how to be Godly husbands. Thanks be to God for blessing us so richly!

T. said...

It truly IS an amazing blessing to have godly husbands!!!

My husband's Christ-like love continues to astound me. How much more so, then, can God's love be for us-!!