Monday, January 30, 2012

Mundane to All but the One not Here.

In case she is wondering about life at home, here is what has happened over the last few days.

Thursday was our normal piano-library-shopping afternoon.  Grandpa and Grandma came over when we got home to do their laundry.  They helped work on the puzzle we had started a couple days before and ended up staying for supper (Hy-Vee pizza).  After they went home we turned on the next disk of Oracles of Delphi Keep and finished the Times Square puzzle.

Friday was a mostly normal day with schoolwork and meals.  The anomalies were orthodontist appointments for Nathan and Abby and the funeral Dad did in the evening and Grandma awoke with the stomach flu.

Saturday afternoon Jeremiah came over and stayed overnight. He brought the movie Tron and they watched it prior to going to sleep in the basement.  Dad looked over Ellie's fable and I read Pride and Prejudice.

Sunday morning I found out that Uncle Matt got sick the night before, so our Sunday family dinner was canceled.  Grandma was feeling a bit better but still not strong enough to attend service so Grandpa sat with us.  Ellie sat with Aunt Michele to help with the girls, with Emily coming to my lap after the Lord's Supper.  Dad ended up not having Bible Study because right after the first service was complete, he was asked to go immediately to Dennis's home who was near death. Fortunately he could as Dennis's home is only the block behind the Peach's.

After church and choir practice we ate sausages and waffles, Jeremiah went home, Nathan went to Dawson's to sled (about two more inches had fallen during the night, which meant Nathan was up and shoveling prior to early service), while Sam played Lego Universe and Abby played on American Girl and Ellie listened to music.  Dad and I watched The Mouse That Roared and took a nap.

About 4:30 Aunt Michele called to see if the girls could come over while she took Uncle Matt to the ER.  He had a sore throat and a lot of neck pain and his fever wasn't coming down.  He tested positive for strep throat and today is feeling a bit better with anti-biotics and higher doses of pain medicine.  The girls were thrilled to come play and enjoyed the snow while Emily couldn't figured out why Hannah wasn't here.  Grandma is better, but her legs are now weak.

Today we all slept in and had a lazy morning.  But when Dad left for the funeral home (Dennis was called home Sunday afternoon) and then to visit another sick member, we got busy doing our chores.  We finished by lunch time when Dad got back home.  Ellie is finishing her fable and will submit it today - don't forget to submit yours! Now after Dad comes back from helping Grandpa and Grandma, we plan to listen to the end of Oracles of Delphi Keep and start the Pooh and Friends puzzle.

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