Saturday, October 01, 2011


My husband visited a four month old boy from our congregation in that big, well-known hospital on Wednesday.  This little lamb of God had surgery on his skull because his soft spot had closed prematurely and his brain no longer had room to grow and was pushing his skull into unusual shapes.

The surgery lasted eighty-nine minutes in which the surgeons cut into his skull what my husband said they described as a pie (math) shape, removed some parts, added a calcium (I think I'm remembering correctly) plate that will grow into the skull as it now grows with him.

I can't even imagine the worries and fright that Mom and Dad and Grandpa and Grandma had.  But I rejoice with them that God brought His little lamb through without complications.  I am amazed and astounded at the knowledge God has granted to medical staff in order to fix these types of problems.  That this is described by those doctors as "not that uncommon" and that this little boy will most likely be able to go home this weekend, only a few short days after a major surgery, is another wonderment.

Praise be to our Heavenly Father!

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