Saturday, October 22, 2011

It Makes Me Happy

My son Nathan takes oboe lessons from Luke, a senior in high school, at his home.  We drive to the farmhouse every Friday afternoon.  I sit in the living room, while Nathan is learning more about playing an oboe in the music room - the small room off the living room with a piano, lots of music books, and a music stand.

This farmhouse makes me happy.  When we first walk in, the porch is filled with current produce from their garden.  The first few lessons it was lots of tomatoes, yesterday there were pails of potatoes and some squash.

The house itself is old with lots of neat character, from the woodwork to the hot-water radiant heating to the open stairwell banister.  Plus the touches of the family are all around.  The shoes and coats, the books, the definitely-not-picture-perfect-but-so-obviously-loved-to-sit-in-to-read-or-watch-tv couches and chairs fill the home as does the smells of supper which Mom is fixing while the lesson is proceeding.

The first time we went I noticed the family portrait on the wall and smiled that this family also has five children.  I spotted Luke in the picture and quickly figured out he was number 4 in line, and being a senior in high school, that meant it was only he and his younger brother still at home. I wondered if his older brother and two sisters must be in college, or was the oldest graduated from college and just two in college.

But yesterday I was really happy while sitting in the recliner during Nathan's lesson.  When I walked in there were more people on the couch than ever before (usually there is none) and there was an aura of joy in the house.  I thought maybe either Luke or his younger brother had friends over, but I was wrong.  It was the older siblings, home from college for the long weekend due to fall break.  The chatter of the kids, the verbal jabs given back and forth was giving that wonderful happy vibe throughout the home.

And I was happy for the mom, that all her kiddos were in the nest, the bustling of bodies and voices had to be a pleasure to her once again.  And I thought of how, even though I now yell "QUIET" and yearn for some peace, I know deep down, that I had a glimpse of my life in a few years.  When I'll have offspring who've grown and flew away, but will return for brief stays and all the world will be right with noise once again.

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Melrose said...

Oh Glenda, I really needed this today!!! With my 4th son just weeks away from coming and my oldest only being 5 1/2 I was thinking earlier today, "I am SO done after this!" as I struggled to not lose it just with my three boys. Thanks for reminding me that one day I'll long for the joyous laughter and silliness that I know now.