Friday, September 23, 2011

More Pictures

I have close to 500 pictures from Camp Luther.  Many of them were taken by Hannah who wanted to try out my Cannon EOS digital camera.  She took many neat pictures, capturing the different fun times and scenery at camp.  I'm now going to make encourage her to learn Photoshop Elements in order that when I don't remember how to do something, she can teach me.

Because I have nothing else to say at the moment, here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

It was a cool, sunny week.  The perfect temperature for hot chocolate and jamming to music on the iPod.

Trees!  Lots and lots of pine trees!

The deck of the cabin which faces the lake.  We sat there a couple of warmer afternoons, reading while watching the grill.

Watching Daniel Boone:

Game Room fun:

Telling us directions for one of the games in our Friendship Celebration.

Silly boys!

Like Father, like Son.

 A favorite activity at camp - Archery!

"It's a dangerous business Frodo, stepping out your door.  You step on the road and who knows where you might be swept off too."


Silly Boys!

This is the first year the camp had wireless internet.  However, it wasn't working at our cabins so we had to walk down the way to pick up service, and check in on our virtual world of emails and Facebook.

Peaceful and beautiful

I had a birthday while at camp!

Playing Daniel Boone!

The Voyageur canoe that all of us fit into!  It is fun!

The place I would sit on the beach to read and check on my virtual world.


Laura said...

That looks like soooooo much fun! What awesome memories your families will have to look back on. So, do you rent a cabin and get 1/2 off? It looks like a great deal!!! Now I want to go up north! We are getting too big for the place we bathroom that does not like to cooperate with a large crowd. :( One of these years we should try and get up there at the same time...and sit by the lake, and sigh, and share a good meal.

Glenda said...

Thanks and Yes to all of your questions and statements! :-)

organistsandra said...

I love it! I had a great time just looking at the pictures!