Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Fun at the Sem

The organists attending the workshop this week sign-up for different practice times throughout the day on the three organs on campus.  Hannah, Bethany, and Monica tried to always sign-up at the same time so the other free-time is available to them.  The first morning they signed-up for the early-morning practice time.  So we all trudged over at 6:30am for them to practice.

Hannah had her turn on the organ in Kramer Chapel.  It was rather nice to sit there in the early morning listening to her practice hymns and the liturgy.

Matins is at 7:10am and afterwards we eat breakfast.  The seminary kitchen staff is sure providing lots of good food for tummies!

The Theology of Worship class begins at 8:15 and here is the group walking from the cafeteria to Loehe hall.
Ruth, Bethany, Hannah, and Monica

On Tuesday, my mom along with a friend drove up to visit us for the day.  What a nice treat to see her!  I'm glad she didn't mind the three hour drive to see us!

One of the things we did with mom is to drive downtown Ft. Wayne to visit St. Paul's Lutheran Church. When David was a student at the seminary, we attended there.  We were the youth directors, we sang in the choir, and he did his field work there.  It was our first church home as husband and wife and we have many, many good memories.  It was neat to go back and see it all once again.

After our short tour, I drove to find the home David and I lived in during his first two years of seminary. I didn't go the most direct route, but I got there and did take a picture.  I was too afraid to ring the door-bell, but lots of memories flooded back while looking at the home.

I then tried to find the mansion we lived in for a short time during David's fourth year of seminary.  In my mind I knew how to get there, but as it had been 15 years, the memories were a bit faded, so I stopped to look at a map.

After the dust bunnies cleared, I kept driving, but never did find the mansion.  I can't remember the address or the road name, so it was a little hard.  I'll have to do some more digging at some point and then try again another time.

While touring St. Paul's and talking with the secretary, I found out that Julia, who was the secretary when we were there, is still working at the seminary.  So this morning I found her office and was delighted to visit with her once again.

Julia is such a treasure and I was so happy to have her help while I learned the ropes of being the youth director at the church.  I still make her apple pie and think of her every time I do.

It is definitely been a good week so far!

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Bikermom said...

Happy for you! Sounds like a very awesome time for you and your whole family. Wish I could have seen you!