Monday, March 07, 2011

This and That

I've been busy cooking extra things lately.  The last Sunday of February I made lasagnas and garlic bread for the high school youth Bible Study held at our home.  The first Sunday of March I made Wild Rice Soup for the Soup Fest competition as a fundraiser for the local Lutheran High School.  Today I busy baking buns and cookies for the supper before the Ash Wednesday service.

I solved my I Hate Shopping dilemma.  A friend in the congregation is a fantastic seamstress.  Her daughter suggested to me, after my rant, that I ask her mom to sew a dress.  So I did.  And she will.  Yippee!  The fabric and patterns for my daughter's confirmation and Easter dresses are bought and will be delivered to her tomorrow.

I read to the three youngest about The Black Death on Saturday.  I printed off templates for them to make doctor masks, they did and have been having fun with them.  Today they wore them while doing the clean-up.  They said they were pretending that the toys were all the black plague sufferers and they were going around helping.  Whatever helps them get their work done.

A lady in our church calls my husband's and my age "the old age of youth."  Well I just feel old, and crabby, and that everything is meaningless.

I thought I had more to say, but the oven beeped and so did the dryer and washer, and my thoughts ran away with the sound.  I'm going to go do what I should be doing right now. . . .boy that's a change.

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