Monday, February 14, 2011


I like to scrapbook.  I started when I received my first Creative Memories album as an engagement gift.  I spent the first couple years of our marriage and my husband's vicarage year doing quite a bit of scrapping.  It was fun, relaxing, and neat for me to see completed albums.  Then along came more than one child and a move and scrapping took a back seat to motherhood and household duties.

Then two years ago we started a scrapbooking group at our church.  We try to meet about once a month on a Sunday afternoon and work on our albums all while eating and visiting with one another.  It is great fun.  One of the gals, who is younger than I, has always done hers through Photoshop.  She has been trying to get me to try it too - I even have Photoshop elements on my computer - willing to teach me as I learn.  But I've had all these 4x6 prints to put into albums because I had a film camera for so many years and have only played a little bit with her way of scrapping.

Until yesterday.  She came over and tutored me on Photoshop elements and I now understand it a little better.  Yippee!  The motivation came because I want to update my Christmas album (I started one that is simply each year's Christmas letter, card picture, and all other pictures from that year's celebration) and I finished all the years that are from my old film camera, which brings me to the year 2007 and the first year all the pictures are on a digital camera.

Since I have to print the pictures anyway, my friend showed me that I can plan my page layout first, and then edit the pictures and size them before they are printed.  So now one 4x6 picture might have three 2x2 sized pictures on it, or one 5x4 picture, or some other combination.  Wow, this is cool!  Now I only have to print 14 4x6  pictures but that is actually 36 pictures which completes four pages.  Ya-ha-hooey!

This old dog is learning new tricks - slowly yes, but learning nonetheless!


Melanie T said...

I've had Elements for two years and still don't really know how to use it. And I've had my digital camera for 3 years and have very few printed pictures. I need to do something. Glenda! Let's get together and you can teach me and we'll try this scrapbooking together. I don't want to go all out like some people I know, but I would like to have a nice looking album with narrations attached to the pictures.

I'm also finding out that my memory is quickly fading, so I really do need to get this done.

Do you think we could eek out a couple of days to do something like this?

agnusdei1996 said...

I was following along until the word "Photoshop" and then I was lost. . .but I'm glad you're very excited about this!
Except for D's baby book, I haven't put a single photo in a scrapbook since we moved here. I should see if there is interest in ladies of our church getting together.

Glenda said...

Yes Melanie we sure can!

Oh Angie - if there are ladies who scrapbook - start one! It is the one thing that has got me to complete some albums. Ellie's baby album was finally finished last year! That is my designated time for scrapping and I love it! Besides the scrapping, I love chatting with these ladies and spending time with them - it has been great fun.

And not all the gals do Photoshop, and I don't know much - just enough now to do some simple things. And I've had this for about 4 years. It takes awhile for things to sink in. :-)