Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Evilness Returns

Guess what I made today?


What's that you say?

You never tried them? Really?

That simply must be rectified right now!

Quick click here and get the recipe, then high tail it to the store for the ingredients and then into the kitchen.

You won't be sorry.

I only am when they're all gone.

Which thankfully, for the moment, they're not.


agnusdei1996 said...

Ha! Like I'm going to click on the recipe, when the picture alone made me gain 6 pounds?!? Nice try, Glenda. . . ;)

Susan said...

Maggie was visiting a friend this afternoon. She brought home a bag of cookies. They're good cookies, but they're not phenomenal cookies. I said "no thanks" to Mag's offer to share. She didn't understand. After all, when you're a kid, you want each and every cookie you can lay your hands on. But when you're old and trying not to gain weight or OD on sugar, you have to be more particular with your treats. As I was trying to explain that to a teenager, her response was, "Oh, I see; so you have to save up for things like Mrs M's caramel bars." Yup. Exactly.

And then you go and post a picture to tantalize me.

Glenda said...

Susan - I want you to know that my family and our friends whom we just spent a week's vacation with up in northern WI finished off 4 batches of these delicious treats.

Angie- when you come visit me again, I'll be sure to make them for our evening visiting sessions! :-)