Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is a New Experience

Yesterday David's brother, Matt, and his wife and three young daughters moved to our town. They now live one mile down the road from us. In our 17 years of married life we've never lived that close to family. They wanted to move farther out from the cities and closer to his parents. Their stipulations also included wanting a Lutheran school and a good church.

We're delighted that our town met their needs. Our oldest girls can't wait to babysit as needed (which they've started doing during the move) and our youngest daughter is delighted to have her only girl cousins around her age living so close.

Last night we helped move in some of their things and get the beds all set up. Then, while Matt and Michele left to go back and pick up their daughters and another load, I brought home their sheets, washed and dried them, and then went to make all their beds for them. Hopefully they slept well last night and will be able to face the day of unpacking.

We're all looking forward to this new experience.


Elephantschild said...

That is WAY cool, Glenda!

Erin said...

I wish my sil lived a mile away! I am very jealous. :)