Friday, August 27, 2010

A This and That Post

I've now canned nine and a half quarts of tomato juice and 14 quarts of quartered tomatoes. I also was able to do 12 quarts of pickles! I bought some at the Farmer's Market and then I was gifted with some. I don't know if I'll get anymore tomatoes, but if I do they'll all be made into juice or maybe some pizza sauce. I also want to get the vegetables I need to can chow chow relish. My mom is coming again in October to can applesauce and apple jelly. I can't tell you how nice that is.

Nathan broke his right clavical on Tuesday evening. It was his first football practice. It was purely an accident - they weren't using helmets or pads or even footballs. The coaches were teaching them plays and drills. He tripped while running a 30 yard dash and fell just right (or wrong). Now he is in a sling constantly for two weeks and after that too, just maybe not constantly, as it will take 4-6 weeks to heal. The orthopedic surgeon told us they never operate on collar bones especially in children because they heal themselves. "Bones have been healing themselves for millions of years as part of the survival of the fittest." Oh really? I was just about feisty enough to say something, but thought better. How sad it is that this doctor whose been given the gift of helping people through surgery doesn't believe in God the Father, the Creator of the World.

I'm enjoying the nice cooler weather.

We went out to supper last night to Bostons, The Gourmet Pizza. We only did this because the kids had been given free meal coupons through the library reading program this summer. When we walked in, the hostess told us that we could only use two because it has to be with paying adults. But it doesn't say that on the coupon, there was no limit of one free with one paying adult. She was kind and gave them to us anyway and I really appreciated that. But that reminded me of why I hate those coupons - there is always a catch. They don't really want to give out free meals, just get you in the store in hopes you'll feel obligated to spend money.

I was scrapbooking on Sunday with the group at church. I'm still working on Abby's baby album, I'm now up to when she was 6 months old. I've now discovered that three of the shirts I still wear all the time I was wearing in pictures then. Sigh. Big Sigh. I knew that my clothes were old and that I need to get new ones. I just didn't realize how old. I don't really want to go shopping and face buying clothes. They're so expensive and it seems like such a waste of money. I don't have the emotional strength to face that, so I trudge on.

My weight loss/exercise increasing has stalled and even gone sour.

One way to make spending time in the ER with Nathan more enjoyable was quoting from Brian Regan's comedy routine. He, David, and I were always making some comment and that made the time pass more quickly and helped to ease Nathan's sorrow. Here it is if you haven't seen it before.

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Karen said...

Sorry about the broken collar bone. Poor kid. His injury is not a great introduction to football! I pray that he heals quickly and without too much pain.