Monday, August 09, 2010

I Don't Think Like That

I've been confronted with the fact that I don't always think like other people and it always makes me stop and think.

For instance: family who redecorated two of their children's rooms, giving them each their own room. Not only did they paint each of the rooms in two colors, they have new curtains and other decorations put up all around the rooms making them look more like a picture from a magazine.

I don't think like that - My kids are lucky to get one coat of paint they picked and we'll make do with whatever else. It doesn't cross my mind to have the extras - decorative pillows, knick-knacks, lighting, etc. And if it does, the pocket book often determines not to do it, or do it later, which turns into never.

Another example: I don't cook like this. It looks and sounds wonderful, and I plan to try it, but I would have never thought about it myself. Or some of the meals Facebook friends state they're fixing I would never think of like "thai coconut salmon," or "garden meatloaf," or "chinese chop chop salad," or any number of other "fancy-schmanzy" meals.

One more example: I don't think to clean like my sister-in-law does. She is very good at it and I always learn something from watching her when we're together that I would never think to do on my own.

I understand that I probably do things that others would never think of, but since I think that way I don't think about it - know what I mean? I love learning all these things from family and friends and some of them I do try and some do become habits of my thinking. But for the most part I'm always partly amused when confronted with a different way of thinking because, well, it had never crossed my mind before. :-)


Rebekah said...

I remember hearing someone talk once about how new pulls (this means knobs or handles, I think) on her cabinets made her kitchen (bathroom?) just like new. Mystifying.

Susan said...

I was going to agree with you ... until you pulled me into this! Hey, you! Those zucchini boats were an exercise in cleaning the refrigerator of leftovers instead of putting them into the trash. That's how I think: frugally. :-) But the rest of what you said, I agree with.

Glenda said...

Yes Susan but I wouldn't have though of zucchini boats. I would have thought zucchini bread, cake, or muffins. Eat them like a vegetable or as part of a main meal?! What's that?

Yeah Rebekah I don't know that I get that either. But due to my former addiction to HGTV (when we forked over the money for such things) I have heard of that and saw it on shows. However, the after picture was always better because they didn't just do handles/knobs/pulls - there was always extra decoration and less clutter - you know magazine type staging.

agnusdei1996 said...

Yes, well, I thought of YOU with your stock of home canned goodies while I was canning blueberry jam yesterday! :) Canning just does not come easily or naturally to me, in fact I had been putting it off for over a week already.