Saturday, August 07, 2010

I Can See the Headline Now

In the mail today I got information on a Pastor's Wives Retreat which is held annually in our district. Here is a portion of a paragraph:
"The state laws re: liability are much stricter, and we can no longer bring in home baked items. Nor can we bring a bowl, and empty the contents of a package into it. We can bring manufactured, pre-sealed, individual serving snacks. So, bringing snacks for 4-6 people is optional."

The government really does not believe that people can make any decisions for themselves. So Mrs. Luther, famous for her oatmeal scotchies or Mrs. Walther, famous for her chocolate chip cookies, or Mrs. Wyneken, famous for her lemon-jello poke cake, can no longer bring them to share with the group. How ridiculous. Neither can Mrs. Melancthon bring in a bag of chips and pour them into a bowl apparently. Doesn't it seem like this is just asking for civil disobedience?

Headline in the local paper day after the retreat:
"Pastors' Wives Arrested For Sharing Home Baked Goods"


Melanie T said...

Go on, Glenda. Be a rebel! I dare you!

Susan said...

I think you should take a pan of caramel bars for yourself. All for your own greedy little self. And not share. But ... well ... y'know ... if those EVIL pastors' wives at the retreat STEAL your cookies and eat them, well, are YOU to blame for their theft??? And if you should happen to break the 7th commandment and steal your neighbor's Chex Mix, well, it certainly wouldn't be your neighbor's fault, right?

Kristi said...

Civil disobedience (eating something that you didn't buy or make yourself)...... Who'd have thunk it???

Elephantschild said...

I really wonder if this doesn't have more to do with rampant food allergies (increasing every year at an alarming rate) than food safety.

Even so, that could be handled by simply asking people to list their ingredients on a card.


Glenda said...

Well, I've never gone to this retreat before, but maybe I should this time just to be a rebel and bring my most evil dessert. ;-)

You think so EC? "Dierde's guy" comes to food gatherings and simply doesn't eat anything that has peanuts or isn't sure of or simply asks.

Rebekah said...

I thought it was Mrs. Knox who brought the oatmeal scotchies, because weren't they just at the Ecumenical Picnic?

Glenda said...

Rebekah - :-D

Anonymous said...

How much longer before church potlucks are illegal?

Ruth E said...

Where are you having this retreat? The local prison? That is so over the top!

BTW, I think Susan may have something here. Forgeddaboud the weaker brother! :-)