Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get Active

I'm sure you've all read before the admonition to get more active in your daily life. Most articles then proceed with examples like, use the stairs instead of the elevator, park in the furthest spot from the door, stand up every hour and walk to get a drink and stretch.

Those are all good and well, but they just don't work in my life of being a wife and mother who stays home. So here are things that I've thought of that could work (now just to put them into practice).

1. My house has two stories with a basement. There is a bathroom on each floor. I will use a bathroom on a different floor from the one I'm on in order to have to walk up and down the stairs. Bonus: waiting until I can't wait any longer and then running.

2. When I fold clothes, I will leave the laundry basket on the floor instead of propping it up between the counter and washer forcing myself to bend over or squat to retrieve the next item.

3. More times than not I will get up and get my own glass of water or pen or paper or whatever instead of enlisting children.

4. More times than not I will go to the basement to retrieve something out of the freezer or refrigerator or canned goodies off the shelf instead of enlisting the children. Bonus: the doors of the refrigerator and freezer might actually stay shut more consistently.

5. Instead of sitting all the time to teach the children some subject, I'll stand for part of the time.

It isn't much, but little things add up so I came up with the above list. Any other ideas you might have?


Karen said...

Wearing a pedometer has helped me to walk more steps consistently each day. If the number is low, it's a reminder that I need to be more active.

I discovered that if I walk all the grocery aisles in Meijer or Walmart, I've walked 1/2 a mile. I'm planning on using that in the winter.

Erin said...

Glenda, I know you'll hate me for saying it, but the ONLY thing that I have found to work is--getting up early and learning to enjoy the time by yourself and getting a good workout in.

Our running-log group misses you!

Glenda said...

No Erin I don't hate you, nor could I. But I did heave a sigh.

I've tried morning routines Erin, it is simply really, really, really hard for me to face morning with a workout. Mornings are just not my strength. Late afternoons or evenings are my best times.

Maybe I'll get back to the running group - I have some problems to work through so I'm not promising when.