Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Winding Down

Major school subjects are finishing for the year. The three youngest have finished their respective Math Books, have two or three topics left in History, but still need to read more in Science. The older two are quite close to finishing their current Math books (did you know that it is only homeschoolers who actually finish the textbooks before moving on to the next?!), and are also close in finishing Science and History, but will continue work in Latin through the summer.

We'll still work on other things this summer, mainly mornings. I want to delve deeper into spelling and phonics with the three youngest, do some Mind Benders, study art (with another family in the church) and composers, plus work on German. That sounds like a lot, and I do hope to accomplish a lot this summer, but I don't intend on it taking up our time for play outside or at the lake or pool. Most of those things will be one day a week, so we'll be doing something every day, just not everything every day.


Jenny Chavez said...

Don't forget. . . . . You will just HAVE to spend some time with an additional child this summer. . . He is available from the end of July until mid August :)

Karen said...

We're going to be "doing school" this summer as well. I'm hoping to use the time to fill some gaps that I've noticed this year and hit music and foreign languages hard. There is still plenty of time to play, so I don't feel too bad.