Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dog Care

We have a shelty, Missy, who is about seven and a half years old. For the last couple of vacations, Missy has gone to my in-laws farm to stay. She loves it there where she can run around all day outside and chase all the barn cats. But she always comes home dirty, dusty, smelly, and sometimes full of burs and other disgusting things. Normally, we take her to a groomer about four times each year for a good bath and trim. But we've neglected that duty for awhile and Missy was getting really, really, dirty. After picking her up from the farm two weeks ago, her hair was so matted and thick, I called our groomer and she said bring her in right away as she had an opening right then (a super nice benefit of living in a small town). Now she looks like this:

This is after two weeks of growth. When I first picked her up there was no color on her body, it was all white. She looked liked a sheared sheep. It has grown on us and now we love it. She is soft, we don't mind her sitting on our laps, and she doesn't shed! Missy, we think, loves it too. She has been more puppy-like in her play and prances, plays more than she had for a long time. It'll be fun to see how her hair grows out and maybe one day she'll look like this


Elephantschild said...

Aww, I love the short cut!

Jenny Chavez said...

You gotta send a picture of her to mom!