Monday, July 06, 2009

Good Day

This morning we were up early and all the children were in the pool for swim club at 8am in the town 17 miles away. While they were swimming, David and I went for a walk, and then Sam, who is done thirty minutes before the others, came out and we played tennis until all the rest of the children were finished.

Our next stop was at the grocery store, they had Bing cherries for $1.99/pound. That was the cheapest we had seen them and we wanted to can some to enjoy through the year. At the store, we asked if we could buy them by the flat, the young man went back to see and came back carrying a box. "This is an 18 pound box and we'll charge you $30 which is an additional discount figuring out to $1.66/pound." Our response was, "Thank you! Can we have another box?" We got the second box, drove home and spent the next few hours canning.

Now I have 30 and a half quart jars like this cooling on my counter:

I would have had 31, but one jar broke. I was able to salvage the cherries, and we've been sampling them this evening.

After the work was done, we rode our bikes to Kamp Dels and enjoyed swimming for a couple of hours before biking home and roasting hotdogs over a campfire for supper, and of course roasting marshmallows for dessert.


Ewe said...

That is a great idea-cherries were on sale here last week, wish I would have thought of it. Do you eat these plain all year or on ice cream or what? What is your recipe for canning them?

Erin said...

Beautiful! I love pictures of canned goods almost as much as eating canned goods.

The cherry trees down the street are going to be ready for picking and canning this weekend. Last year we froze enough cherries for 5 pies and made about 2 quarts of cherry brandy. More of both this year! All the cherries were gone by Thanksgiving!

Glenda said...

Hey Ewe (couldn't resist),

Cherries are the easiest to can.
1. Stem them and wash them.
2. Put them in jars (Shake the jar on the counter to settle them and allow room for more).
3. Fill with a hot syrup (I used a light syrup made by heating 1 cup sugar to 2 cups water) leaving half inch head space.
4. Put on lids and process 25 minutes in hot water bath.

I've never tried cherry brandy, and cherry pie is my least favorite, so Billy Boy gets no cherry pies from me.

agnusdei1996 said...

You are so industrious!!!

Glenda said...

Oh I forgot to tell Ewe how we eat them.

Basically they are either a snack or a dessert throughout the year. As the pits are still in them, we get to teach the kids how to spit the seed out onto their spoon and put onto their plate. You can imagine that it works sometimes and not others. ;-)

Angie - I might be able to can, but I envy your sewing skills to no end!