Saturday, May 02, 2009

April Reward - Not!

Three months of good work, three months of fun rewards, but then came April and it fell apart.  
Three main things got in the way of reaching our April goals:
1. We had the hardest time staying focused and motivated this month.  The nice weather and our own laziness got in the way.
2. Extra doctor appointments that weren't planned, but had to be attended, and took most of the productivity out of the day.
3. There were several weekend days where I was gone and that meant I was trying to play catch up with with housework during the week.

So we didn't reach our goals and we didn't get to have a reward.  The reward would have been to attend the Festival of Nations.  The timing of the goal wasn't the best for our family, but we would have made it work.  Oh well, maybe next year we'll get to go.

And now I'm trying to really catch up with housework, and other obligations.  We are already about two days behind on May's homeschool goals, but I'm hoping we'll be able to catch up as the month goes along, as long as we can beat back that laziness and lack of motivation monster.

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