Monday, March 30, 2009


What a fun, relaxing weekend I had.  I left Friday afternoon and drove to Sioux City to meet with other Loopers for a mom's weekend away.  9 of us (and two nursing babies) descended upon Suzanne's house to enjoy each other's company, enjoy good wine, good food, including chocolate, and fun games.

Suzanne's house was large enough to house all of us.  It is a big, wonderful, farm house with lots of character, and for the weekend had a few extra. ;-)

Once we all arrived Friday evening, we enjoyed a delicious French Onion soup made by Gina, bread, and a salad made by Charity.  Lots of different wine was brought and we all enjoyed drinking a glass or two while dining and then playing some fun pencil and paper games Suzanne had for us.  The best part was meeting these wonderful women, who before were known to me only through our email list, blogs, and facebook.  I had met a few before, but now more Loopers were added to my, "met in real life" category.

Here we are around the dining room table:
Left to right: Melanie, Tammi, Charity with daughter Lydia, Kim, and Suzanne......

.....Suzanne, Rachel holding son Nathan, Rhonda, and Gina.

This is Kim.  What a hoot she is.  And she looks nothing like I had pictured her with long brown hair.  Now anytime she writes, I'll picture her correctly.

This is Kristi.  She came late on Friday evening due to other engagements and joined us around the table, but for whatever reason (wine, laughter, conversations, games) I didn't get her picture at the table even though she sat right beside me.
I'll post more pictures of our fun weekend in the days ahead.  Stay tuned!


Dakotapam said...

so jealous!

Elephantschild said...

Ooo- love that house! LOVE IT!

Michelle said...

Jealous here too - I was stuck in a blizzard warning and couldn't even go to work as scheduled!

But, I'm happy for all of you and hope you had enough fun for the rest of us! :)

BelleArtMom said...

Maybe I should let my hair grow out again. Except if I didn't color it, it would be mostly gray with a little brown.