Monday, February 16, 2009

Amazing but true

This May we will be going to visit Washington D.C.  I knew that I needed to request tours from my representatives.  If you watch the news, you know that currently I only have one senator, whom I wouldn't request a tour from, while the other seat is being argued in court.  So off to the House of Representatives I went, emailing my request this week on Ms. Bachmann's helpful website.  Soon afterwards I received a notice stating the request went through and I would receive notification of tour times prior to our trip.

Tonight, my husband has a meeting at the district office.  Two other men in the area met him here at our home to all drive together.  The one man asked, "Are you guys visiting D.C. soon?" Why yes but how did he know? Well, his daughter is working for Congresswoman Bachmann and is the one who emailed the response to me!  He was speaking with her today and mentioned whom he was traveling to the meeting with tonight, and the name triggered her memory of sending the email note to me.  To make it even smaller, his daughter went to the same LCMS high school as my husband and at the same time as his cousins.

Cue theme music:


Aubrey said...

If you all need tickets for the Metro trains, we've still got a ton of them left over from when Alec was out at the Pentagon. They didn't cost us a cent and they're just taking up space. If you'd like some, let me know.

Glenda said...

That would be great Aubrey! I know very little about the Metro - are these tickets good whenever and for whatever routes?