Friday, December 12, 2008


means I have a ton of stuff to do today and instead I sit here typing.

Melanie, if you're reading, we simply have to get together next year, otherwise I put my cookie baking and decorating off way too long and am faced with trying to get them done the day before the ladies' bake sale.

I also need to finish several loads of laundry today that have piled up somehow.

Sometime I have to put together the hotdish for tomorrow's luncheon at church.

I really want to put up some more Christmas decorations today before my Pampered Chef party Sunday afternoon. Anyone want to come - you're all invited.

So I suppose I should get to doing what needs to be done.

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Melanie T said...

I agree. I hope you got my email. I haven't baked any cookies yet, either. I'm supposed to bring all of the treats to my in-law's house for our Christmas gathering next Sun. I have no idea when I'm going to get that done.

I've really missed our visit this year. I hope it will work next year ( or sooner!).