Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Gifts

The children use their allowance money to buy both their father and I a present, usually with the help of the other parent. This year was no different.

The children gave me some Jane Austin novels.

The one is a beautiful hardcover with 7 novels included under the one cover: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Lady Susan. The other book is titled, Love and Friendship, A Collection of Juvenile Writings. Only Northanger Abbey, Lady Susan and Love and Friendship are the ones I've never read. Even so, I'm simply delighted that now I don't have to borrow any from the library, I can walk to my bookshelf and pick one up to read whenever the desire hits.

For David, the children couldn't decide what to give him. At first they thought about a Whirley Pop, but he bought one himself because we desperately needed a new popcorn popper (We eat popcorn at least once a week, usualy twice or three times). Then they thought about a dvd of either Monk or Psych, but they were too much money (now those links show they've come down in price, oh well). They kept asking him and he would always say, Captain Morgan, but they didn't think that seemed liked a good gift. However as time drew near, I told them, really, that would be a grand gift for your dad and you can buy him a case of Coke to go with it. They finally agreed and once it was wrapped and under the tree, they couldn't wait for him to open it.

On the days proceeding Christmas, David commented that their weren't any bottle shaped gifts under the tree. This made the kids grin in secret. I had purposely told them to put the Captain in a gift bag with tissue, because if we wrapped it liked a bottle, then he would know. I also wrapped the case of Coke with wrapping paper, so he had two gifts.

On Christmas Eve as he opened his gifts, this is how it turned out:
He pulled off the tissue and paper and saw immediately what it was.

Grinning ear to ear.

Yea, it is the Captain!

Then they handed him his second gift. He commented, "Wow, what is this? It is so heavy."

I thought for sure he would know since he had just opened the Captain. But he really didn't. Once again, surprise and delight.

Now he once again can enjoy a Captain Coke with popcorn.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I got books for Christmas too, three mystery novels.

You should have made him pose like the Captain, lol.

Laura said...

Those are great pictures. I feel like I was there...feeling the thrill of it all!

Lisa said...

What great photos. It took until the photos for me to figure out what the captain was. My oldest daughter Gabrielle enjoys Jane Austin too. Right now for school she is reading Les Miserables. She's doing a great job with comprehending the story and some character ananlysis.

Dakotapam said...

That is a great gift! My Rev would have enjoyed it too!

Karen said...

Mike and I would have loved your gifts also. I'll have to remember to purchase David's gift for Mike next year. Wow, I've already started my next Christmas' shopping list!