Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quiet House

The house is very quiet and will be until Thursday evening. Yes it is a nice treat, and yes I love that I will be able to sit uninterrupted (well, only my own interruptions!) and accomplish some much needed projects, but I already miss the kids and their noise.

Yesterday afternoon, David and I met Melanie (a fellow looper) halfway between her place and ours. We then loaded her suburban with our 5 kids, their sleeping bags, and clothes, kissed them good-bye, and parted ways.

Melanie (who should be awarded the good friend of the year award) also has five children who are all basically the same ages as mine. She asked to keep my kids for a few days of fun with her chitlins. The munchkins were all excited and will have lots of fun.

On our way home, David and I stopped in New Ulm to tour the Schells Brewery and eat supper at the Kaiserhoff as a delayed anniversary meal. The tour was good as were the samples, and we enjoyed the Kaiserhoff special, bbq ribs. New Ulm also has many neat shops and also Herman the German. We did stop with the kids on the way to meet Melanie and climbed to the top to see Herman. But we didn't have time then or later to tour many of the shops, and decided it would be a fun day trip in the future.

Now I need to utilize my time wisely to get as much done as possible, not sit here at the computer the whole time. So while my house is quiet and I'll turn on the radio, I'm guessing Melanie has a lot more noise and be thinking, "Calgon take me away!"

She's my hero.

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Melanie said...


I've actually borrowed your kids for selfish reasons. They are entertaining MY kids, giving me a little extra time.

Things are going very well, as evidenced by the fact I have time to sip coffee and read blogs!

The kids are doing great (even the littlest Mumme :-)).

Enjoy your time alone! And thanks for lending me your children. They are great!