Monday, June 30, 2008

Spring Cleaning List

Laundry Room......Check

Yesterday after church I asked David to fetch me the food processor from the top shelf in the laundry room closet so I could crush crackers to bread the fish. When he went in there, he yelled, "Ooooh, what did I step in that is all wet." Not having any idea what it could be, I quickly went in and investigated.

My brand new, used for one load, 150 oz bottle of All laundry detergent with the spigot was leaking not from the spigot but from the cap that screws the spigot onto the bottle, and was now almost half empty, running all over the floor, under the washer, soaking into the rug. UGH!!!! I've used this type of bottle and in particular the brand All for many, many times and this has never happened.

After lunch I began hauling stuff out and cleaning up all that soap. It took rag after rag after rag after rag. I wasn't able to finish yesterday as we had family stop in for a few hours and then took the kids to Kamp Dels to swim.

So today after a morning running a child to the orthodontist and stopping at Sam's Club and the grocery store, I once more began cleaning. All my laundry room stuff was now in the kitchen. More rags used. David took off the laundry room closet doors in order to maneuver the washing machine out so I could clean under it.

UGH!!!! When was the last time you looked under your washing machine and cleaned it? It is not a pretty sight!!!! If you are of feeble disposition, please don't do this alone, have someone there to support you (or better yet do it for you!). David brought me a paint scraper to pick up most of the dust, soap, dirt, and lost items prior to using yet more rags.

But I scrubbed it and washed off the pipes and the back and the wall and the bottom. Then he moved it back and moved out the dryer. This wasn't as bad since no detergent was underneath and I could use the vacuum first.

Once all that scrubbing was done I began putting things back into the closet, reorganizing as I went along. Now it is really nice and clean! I didn't have the energy to wash the windows or wipe the top of the cabinets. But I know dirt - it ain't going nowhere too soon and will dutifully sit awaiting my company one day in the future, not minding one bit how long is meant by "future."

As for all those rags, they went directly into the washing machine and were given extra rinses in order to try and get all that All out.

One bright spot, David called the 1-800 number on the bottle and related to the person what happened. She is sending us a check for $12, the amount it cost and also coupons totaling $12 for All products and also other coupons from their company. I love it when a company does what it can to make the customer happy.


Michelle said...

There's nothing like an unexpected mess to change the order (or add to) that spring cleaning list!

The last time I cleaned under my washer was 3 years ago when we moved in... Now, the oven has a similar warning attached to it (at least in my house). I know that because we recently dropped something behind the oven and had to pull it out to get to it! Yikes!

Glad to see that the company is replacing the detergent. Too bad they didn't send some one to clean under your washer too! :)

elephantschild said...

So, what was the "take" from under the washer? How many quarters, how many baby socks? Any buttons? :)

My washer's in the basement. NO WAY am I going under there without my hubby nearby and a can of Raid in my hand!

Karen said...

We've had two of those extra large, spigot bottles leak. A child dropped the bottle while carrying it in from the van, both times. I saved the rags used to clean up the mess, them threw one in each load of laundry after softening the dried detergent. Am I cheap or what?

Glenda said...

Michelle - don't even bring up ovens! I had a leak under the fridge not too long ago and had to clean under there. Do you see a pattern to my cleaning? :-)

Karen, I would have loved to used one rag for each upcoming load, that is simply smart thinking, not cheap! However - these rags were really way too dirty to put with other things, and I just wanted them done and in the drawer.

EC - hmmm the take. I think I only found a penny, missing barrettes, ponies, Playmobil pieces, one missing sock, one swim shoe of whose mate I'm pretty sure I long ago threw away Caps to bottles (milk, juice, etc, as we put these recyclables in the laundry room until someone takes them to the garage), oh and dog food (again kept in the laundry room).