Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Church in the Meadow:

It is in the middle of the countryside of Germany near Neuschwanstein Castle. We had a brief stop to visit this church after visiting Newuschwanstein on our way to Munich. It was a cold day, and being a very big, stone church, it was quite cold inside too.

The inside was quite over-the-top I thought. Very, very ornate and busy, everything was painted, even the ceiling. I didn't even desire to take any pictures as this was my least favorite church in Germany. (Here is my favorite church.) This picture (above) of the outside was taken by my brother-in-law. But if you want to see a picture of the inside then pull out your current Gottesdienst issue (Trinity 2008). The cover picture is from the inside of the Wieskirche.

What? You don't subscribe to Gottesdienst? Then go here, and and do so. If you can't wait that long, then find someone who does subscribe and borrow their issue. Besides the beautiful cover art, the articles on the inside are absolutely superb. I always learn a thing or two from them.

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