Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pastor's Conference - Fun for the Family at Least

Earlier this week, David had a pastor's conference for both LCMS districts in the state at a resort up north. It is quite spendy to stay on site, and David doesn't like to go alone. So this year, we went with, staying in a hotel with a water park. That way, the kids and I had fun, while David sat and listened to the various sessions, coming back to join us when he could.

We splurged and stayed in a family suite room. It had a bunk bed room with two bunks and tv, a second bedroom with a king bed and tv, and the third room with a pull-out couch, tv, table, small refrigerator, microwave, and a tiny sink. This allowed everyone in the family to have their own bed, we ate all our meals in the room (from sandwiches to pizza to tv dinners), plus had snacks for those afternoon munchies. Things we normally never have - individual yogurts and pudding, microwave popcorn which made it a treat for the children.

I forgot to take pictures of the room, but I did take pictures of the fun at the water park. It had one tube slide and one body slide, a lazy river,

and an area for basketball and other water fun.

There was a separate area for spraying water at each other, climbing up to the bridge and sliding down smaller sides. Other LCMS wives who had smaller children especially enjoyed this spot.

David's brother Mark, also an LCMS pastor and his family stayed in the hotel. Therefore the cousins were able to play together which made it more fun for all.

Here they are in birth order from back right to left: Melinda, Cora, Hannah, Ellie
Front right to left: Emma, Nathan, Will, Abby, Sam

And since our kids our older, Mark and Beth show how us adults were able to stay warm and enjoy..... the hottub!

The waterslides were lots of fun too!
Mark and Cora:
Beth and Emma:
Cora and Hannah:

Melinda and Ellie:
Abby enjoyed going through the waterfall:



Yes we had lots of fun and the kids are already asking when we will go back. Our answer, "At the very earliest, next year." But for now it is back home, refreshed and ready to get back to the daily grind of chores, school, etc.


Kristi Heinz said...

I like your new blog makeover. It looks nice. It sounds like you all had a lot of fun too! I am looking forward to having been at the water park when we are at CCA! Yes, I am actually bringing my son this time :0) He is old enough now that we will be able to take him into the hall to hear some speakers with us. We will take plenty of drawing paper and he will be happy. He listens better when he is doing something like drawing. Isn't that funny? He teacher even says so. Anyway, glad to see you had a great time!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Glad you had such a good time. There's an indoor waterpark by us that we like visiting.