Saturday, May 31, 2008

I can see!

Ellie has now joined her sister, Dad, and Mom in the "four-eyes" category. We knew at last summer's eye doctor's appointment that her eyes were on the decline and would most likely need a pair of glasses this year. At her normal doctor's yearly check-up two weeks ago, she couldn't even read the second line of the eye chart. Ooops. I think the nurse and the doctor weren't quite sure why I hadn't noticed before.

Like me when I first got my glasses, if she would have been old enough to drive, she wouldn't be able to have a license. And on the way home she commented on all sorts of things she didn't know existed.

"I can see the lilacs, not just a blob of color."
"I can read the signs."
"I can see the individual old stalks in the field."
"Hey, that man just caught a fish! He is holding it right now. I would've never seen that before."

With her new short hair cut (not as much cut off as her big sister, but went from shoulder length to this) and her cute glasses, she is another darling daughter.

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Karen said...

I was so amazed when I got my first pair of glasses. It was almost like seeing a whole different world. Everything looks new. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

Your girls look so much older and more grown-up from when we saw them. Time passes so quickly!