Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Things I'm doing or have been doing, or need to keep doing:
1. A display board for confirmation pictures was donated as a memorial gift sometime last year. Our church will be one hundred years old next year and never has there been a display of Confirmation pictures. So myself and another lady have been gathering the pictures. We are missing, I think, only a couple of years, which is amazing to me. Now I'm working on typing in all the names so that they match the person. This isn't easy when I've not been in this church my whole life, but so far many other ladies are helping. Although I'm not sure how we'll know once we get to the 30's and 20's. Currently I'm at 1951. Next week we'll meet with a Creative Memories consultant who is happy to advise us on the best way to fasten them to the board, the layout, and how to deal with the oldest pictures which are still in the cardboard frames.

2. I cleaned and sorted through some things in the basement store room and toy room. I now have about 5 bags and 2 boxes of stuff to put on the curb in the morning for the Epilepsy Foundation to collect. What a nice feeling to have all that out.

3. I'm trying really hard to keep the children and myself focused on schoolwork and get a lot done before our mini-vacation in a couple of weeks. In history we're on the Revolution and the kids wanted to do another lapbook. Since I don't have this one from Time Travelers, I'm having to do it myself, which takes thought and time. Although Hannah is enjoying helping with ideas - she made a tea cup shape for writing about the Boston Tea Party.

4. I washed all the snowpants, scarves, hats, and mittens, and put them away. I haven't done the coats yet. We awoke to about an inch of snow this past Saturday, and this morning there was frost on the ground and roofs. We went out to lunch yesterday with a 90 year old lady in our church who is like a grandma to us. She told us that when her son was born (1938, 39ish) in May it snowed. Oh I how hope that doesn't happen again this year.

5. I'm now working on the multitude of laundry loads that got pushed to the side while I was teaching, typing in confirmation names, and washing the snow things. Maybe I'll see the laundry room floor and sink again one day soon.

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